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Alternate Player List

An Alternate Player List is used when a tournament is full due to restrictions at the venue, i.e. Mother's/Father's Day and there are a lot of bookings or a large private booking from a group. When this happens, players are placed on an "Alternate List" and are allowed to play when a seat becomes available within a certain time frame.

There is no guarantee that players on this list will get to play and the following guidelines will be followed:

  1. Players must register before play starts. Late players do not go on the alternate list
  2. The Alternate List only runs for the first hour of play. Any seat that becomes available during this time will be made available to an alternate player in order of when they joined the list
  3. Alternate players must be available to play when called. Poker Managers will not run around the venue looking for you. Your name will be called twice and if you are not available then the next player on the list will be called
  4. Alternate players will receive a drinks card when they register and can use it as normal
  5. Alternate players will start with $3,750