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How to Qualify for the Regional Finals


On a night

1. On a night with 1 - 10 players, the winner qualifies
2. On a night with 11 - 20 players, the top 2 players qualify
3. On a night with 21 - 30 players, the top 3 players qualify
4. On a night with 31 - 40 players, the top 4 players qualify
And so on......

At the end of the season players will also qualify based on their position on the venue leaderboard & the fact that they have not won a seat re. 1-4 above

5. At a venue with an average nightly player count of 10 or less, the Top 1 will qualify
6. At a venue with an average nightly player count of 10.01 - 20, the Top 3 will qualify
7. At a venue with an average nightly player count of 20.01 - 30, the Top 5 will qualify
8. At a venue with an average nightly player count of 30.01 plus, the Top 7 will qualify

All players score points by playing at venues. Every time you play at a venue you will score at least 100 points. You score more points by making the Top 8 players on the night. The Top 8 players share a percentage of the total points pool for that night, i.e. if there are 50 players on a night, the total points pool to be shared by the Top 8 players is 5,000 pts (50 players X 100 pts). The points are awarded from 1st to 8th as follows: 25%, 20%, 16%, 12%, 9%, 7%, 6%, & 5%.

9. Meet the Loyalty Award criteria

10. Finish 1st or 2nd at any other tournament run by PokerFun NZ and you will qualify for the Regional Finals, i.e. Heads Up, Pot Limit Omaha, Joker Poker, etc.There must be 10 or more players at these tournaments for the top 2 to qualify. 9 players or less, only the winner qualifies.
Players are encouraged to qualify more than once for the Regional Final. Your first seat gets you to the final. Every extra seat is worth an extra $500 on your starting stack. Qualify with 5 seats and your starting stack will be $6,750 ($4,750 for your first seat and $2,000 extra for the other four seats).
The winner of each venue will get an extra $2,000 added to their Regional Final starting stack. Winning a venue is hard work and you deserve a bonus.

Regional Finals Information

Regional Finals

Each season culminates in a Regional Final where players do battle for a share in over $2,700 worth of prizes with the Top 8 players at the Regional Final getting paid. There are numerous ways to qualify for a Regional Final. Click on the links below to find out more information.

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